HomeStrap 5 Rod Brocade Bangle Box
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Manufacturer Description

Now organize your bangles systematically and protect them from breakage. The transparent pouch gives convenience of better visibility. You can use the box in the drawer too and can use the pouch seperately.A supportive frame of wood is installed on all the four sides to safely store your bangles.

Product Features

Made from Brocade Material & having supportive frame(made of hardboard) is installed on the boundaries of the transparent box which serves better safety of the bangles. Material : Brocade Size in CM:38 (L) X 25 (W) X 7 (H), Size in Inch: 15 (L) X 10 (W) X 3 (H) 5 rod inside to hold the bangles.The Box and the pouch can be used separately too. Box and the pouch can be used separately too.

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