NO FALL Women's Cotton Anti-Slip Toe Socks (Navy Blue and Pink, Free Size) - Pack of 2

NO FALL Women's Cotton Anti-Slip Toe Socks (Navy Blue and Pink, Free Size) - Pack of 2
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Manufacturer Description

Nofall to increase comfort and stability. Perfect for senior citizen, ladies,gents, house wife and terrific for patients in hospitals. Our grip technology is top notch. No more slipping on tile or hardwood floors. Socks are not loose so you feel secure on any surface.

Product Features

1.No more jittery over slippery floors superior grip gives stability, and balance while performing yoga or dance. Nofall grip is all over the feet to make performing yoga and walking safe and feel secure on glazed surfaces found nowadays. Keep your feet firmly on ground during surya namaskar and yoga 2. Breathable cotton, absorbs sweat, feels almost bulk less with enhanced bare foot feeling. Provides excellent grip even with sweaty feet, on wet and slippery floorings and avoid injuries. Elastic spandex comfortably stretches over your foot and keeps it secure without any marks or impression 3. Retains elasticity and grip even after multiple machine washes. Can be used at home on a daily basis to prevent slip and fall 4.With split toe socks, one can wear slippers while going to washroom. Can wear shoes on it, gives shoes a better grip 5. Our team constantly keeps upgrading the product to give all the customer a better grip

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